About Twisted


Twisted Vape & Smoke is the ultimate destination for any kind of vape products like E- Juice, vape mods, and accessories for your E-liquid Vaping needs, And as for the cannabis tools that we have in stock we got you covered for every type of way you would like to enjoy your cannabis recreationally.

We offer our customers a new age alternative to tobacco smoking with the latest products and best accessories available in the market.

We aim to completely change the smoking scene for smokers and non-smokers alike.

We can always guarantee consistency in both flavor and quality and always provide the best products.

We also want to help you quit smoking and hence our collection always includes the top-range nicotine salt nicotine and freebasing products mixed with unique and widely chosen flavors.

Always get what your heart desires at Twisted Vape and Smoke, we are always happy to bring you the best.

Twisted Vape and Smoke is located in the heart of Alberta and brings you vape juice and vape gear that is all Canadian Based Companies bringing you the best vape and cannabis tools under one roof for your days working or the chill-out moment for fun that we all know we deserve some times.

Come stop by to meet the crew we will help you stop smoking old-school tobacco products for a new sensation that will twist your mind in the right direction for health and your wellness.